The Albright Fashion Library is an essential stop for the fashion elite. Every day, stylists, editors and designers visit the 7,000-square-foot showroom to make use of a comprehensive yet impeccably edited collection of some 30,000 items. Offering an archive of classic pieces—from Chanel suits to Dior gowns, from Gucci belts to Manolo Blahnik pumps—as well as contemporary looks by some of the most exciting young designers working today, the Library’s encyclopedic holdings dazzle and inspire.

Irene Albright worked for years as stylist and consultant to some of the fashion world's most prominent magazines and photographers. Finding that other showrooms in the city couldn't satisfy her creative imagination, she opened her own, in 1990. Using her superb eye and extensive connections in the industry, Albright went on to amass an unrivaled collection of high fashion both archival, cutting-edge, and even prospective: the Albright Fashion Library has the upcoming season’s looks in stock before department stores do.
Working with some of the best—and most opinionated—talent in film, editorial fashion, advertising and theater, the Albright Fashion Library helps clients source inspired looks for photo shoots, films, performances or special events.

After over ten years in New York Albright Fashion Library has expanded to the west coast, opening up a successful award season "pop-up" which then transformed into a permanent outpost right in the heart of Beverly Hills. 

Now in Los Angeles we not only can provide the perfect clothing, but the perfect setting. 

With a great location in the heart of Beverly Hills we are opening our doors for location shoots. Creating the first all-in-one wardrobe and location site. 

Please contact us for more information on Albright LA Locations.